Fluke launches Certified Level 1 Thermography Training Courses

Fluke is offering Certified Level 1 Thermography Training Courses in partnership with Infrared Training Limited. The 4-day courses are designed to meet and exceed ISO 18436 and the ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards. The courses are suitable for beginners or experienced thermographers wishing to gain an internationally recognised certificate. The first course will be held in Liverpool, starting on 29th June 2015. More information, and course registration, can be found at: www.flukeacademy.shuttlepod.org/uk-level1thermography

The Level 1 courses, mixing theoretical and practical based work, cover the following:

Thermal / infrared physics
Temperature, how it is measured
Nature of heat and temperature
Heat transfer
Infrared technology / equipment
Infrared applications
Practical camera operation
Inspection techniques
Infrared images and documentation
Data collection
Good infrared images
Database programmes
Report creation

There are daily assessments and practical exercises to monitor progress. Students must achieve 70%+ on the final day examination to pass the course. There is an option to sit an alternative 3rd-party PCN examination, which can be applied for directly through BINDT (fees apply).

L0510fl - Fluke TiX560 Expert Series Infrared Camera

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