Free Guide to Liquid Product Recovery for Process Industries

Find Out How ‘Pigging’ Increases Yields, Reduces Flush Waste, Speeds Up Changeovers and Improves Environmental Sustainability

HPS, the global specialists in liquid product recovery and transfer solutions, has recently released a new document for companies looking to improve productivity and efficiency through ‘pigging’.  

A Guide to Product Recovery (Pigging) for the Process Industries” provides an overview of pigging, including how it works, why it’s used, types of pigging systems and much more. It also has real-life case-studies and examples.

Pigging systems automatically recover residual product from pipelines. Systems designed by HPS typically deliver up to 99.5% product recovery rates. They enable nearly all residual product to continue to be processed, packaged, used or sold – instead of being flushed to waste.

So, companies that incorporate pigging systems in their processes achieve greatly improved product yields, faster changeovers and lower disposal costs, while saving resources and increasing plant capacity. And because pigging saves product, water and cleaning agents, it’s great for environmental sustainability.

Pigging is already in wide use by companies that process liquids or ‘wet’ product, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, pet food, paint, coatings, homecare products and so on.

Here’s an example. HPS provided a pigging system for a well-known soft drinks manufacturer, resulting in savings of around 35,000 US dollars worth of product per day for their client.

While not all companies make those sorts of gains from pigging, nearly all HPS systems deliver high return on investment (ROI) for their clients. This is in addition to a wide range of other benefits.

With manufacturers facing increasing competitive pressures and the need to constantly develop products that meet ever-changing consumer requirements, minimising waste, increasing yields and improving operating efficiency have never been more important.

That’s why more and more companies that process liquids are embracing HPS pigging technology.

To learn more about product recovery and pigging, download the free guide here.

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