FTR Faultracker

Electrical control systems can present problems to the service and maintenance teams when intermittent faults occur. This common situation can be both frustrating and time consuming. The FTR Faultracker is specifically designed to provide a solution to this problem.

The FTR Faultracker is a compact recording device which can be connected to up to 16 points in any electrical system. The FTR copes with any voltage from 12v DC to 240v AC. The FTR monitors the on/off status of each input. Any voltage above 6v is considered to be ON. An LED indicator on the front panel shows the status of each input. When set to logging, the FTR will log any and all ‘events’. An event being the change of status of any input. Each event is logged strictly in the order it occurred with a date/time stamp with a resolution of milliseconds. This means that when logging is completed, the events can be stepped through one at a time so that cause/effect sequences can be analysed.

This means that faults which cause significant disruption and are very difficult to track can be stepped through in great detail, even if the sequence involved events that are separated by only milliseconds.

Because many problem situations are intermittent. The FTR can be left logging for hours or days or weeks until the fault occurs. After the event, the recording can be analysed and the fault sequence tracked in detail, complete with date and time stamps.

Thus a ‘rogue’ input , or a noise spike, or an intermittent connection, or ‘missing’ event, or unexpected sequence, or even unauthorised operation can be identified.

Key Points

  • Monitors up to 16 locations simultaneously
  • Records exactly what happens within millisecond accuracy
  • Step though complex sequences on step at a time.
  • Any input from 12v to 240v can be connected.
  • Safety ensured with the ability to monitor from outside the cubicle
  • Interlocked cover for the input terminals
  • Enables fault origin to be located easily and quickly
  • Ideal for those intermittent faults
  • Can be set to monitor for extended periods
  • Trigger logging for specific input conditions
  • Logging up to 32,000 events.
  • Serial interface for download to PC
  • Extensive view and analysis modes on the PC.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



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