GEMÜ Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves are Ready for Industry 4.0

Smart and Reliable – meet the next generation of GEMÜ rubber lined butterfly valves, R480 Victoria series. Using state-of-the-art robotics and a sophisticated transport system, all butterfly valves are manufactured in-house, giving GEMÜ full control over production processes that are critical to quality. It also allows greater flexibility in delivery times, meaning you can rely on GEMÜ in meeting your project timescales.

Compatible with GEMÜ CONEXO, an RFID system for digital information management and maintenance support – GEMÜ R480 valve liners can be integrated with an RFID chip, which can be traced and read using the CONEXO pen RFID reader. The CONEXO app is then installed on mobile devices to provide support for maintenance work and enables electronic recording of the data. This is managed and archived centrally on the CONEXO portal. The interaction between valve components equipped with an RFID chip and corresponding IT infrastructure actively increases process reliability. With this smart integration, GEMÜ is going a step further and is ready for Industry 4.0.

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Check out how we manufacture our Next Generation of GEMU rubber lined Butterfly Valves R480 Victoria series:

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