German Electronic Component Distribution: Remaining stable in Q2/2016

The member companies of the German electronic component distribution association FBDi e.V. report sales growth of 5.6% for the second quarter 2016; revenues totalled € 816 million. In summary, the fi rst six months of the year recorded an increase in turn-over of 7.7%. Orders did not rise as strongly, increasing by 3.3% to € 809 Million in the second quarter 2016. The order increase across the fi rst half of the year was still 5.4%.

The breakdown across the various technology fi elds remained stable. Semiconductors accounted  or 70% of sales, rising by 5.3% to € 568 million. Next came passive components, which achieved sales of € 119 million, accounting for 15% of total revenues. With a 9.2% increase, passive components performed well above average.

Electromechanical component sales totalled € 78 million, achieving a growth of 1.2%. The power supply segment grew most strongly, increasing by 13.4%. Its sales revenues of € 21.0 million represented 2.6% of the total.

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