At Clarity we understand engineering and bring a LEAN MINDSET to communication and branding. This ensures we can deliver the brand you deserve, eliminating waste and helping to drive value through your business. We get your people on board too, critical to the ownership and pride of the

When you need to be more competitive, agile, focused, consistent and visibly different, Clarity is here to help. Working in partnership with our global clients,

We improve brand performance.

  • Maximising the financial value of your brand
  • Aligning your people to your strategy
  • Driving value to the customer through the business
  • Engaging and inspiring your people
  • Bringing clarity and focus to your business proposition
  • Ensuring resilience is embedded

Do you recognise these issues?

  • Your differentiators not clearly defined – leading to margin erosion
  • Customers not recognising value from your proposition
  • Purpose, values and strategy not understood or lived, leading to inefficiency
  • Clear evidence of siloed thinking and behaviour
  • Ineffective presentations that are failing to win business
  • Dissipated focus and low morale
  • Sales are lost due to lack of confidence
  • Brand architecture too complex or confusing to customers
  • Lack of purpose and direction across the business
  • Competition have equal services but have stronger propositions


Like diamonds, unique names for products, services or companies are hard to find.

It’s increasingly difficult to devise a name that is not only unique and distinctive but one that is relevant and meaningful. Across products, services and organisations, names are a marketing imperative when it comes to creating a brand that is memorable and successful.

Diamond is Clarity’s naming process that helps us to prospect, mine and polish names suitable for consideration and scrutiny.

Our search goes beyond your sector or industry so that it may bring new light and perspectives that have never been considered previously.

So if your business is not firing on all cylinders, we need to talk – and talking costs you nothing!

We’re in the Midlands and in London, so get in touch today.

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