Following on from a successful series of training and workshops in 2014, HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – has announced the first dates for its 2015 training courses, which take place at the end of February.

The first of the training courses is on ‘Data Acquisition’ and takes place on the 24-25th February.  This course is suitable for all personnel who would like to plan and conduct measurements with transducers and measurement data acquisition systems.

This two day seminar provides both practical and theoretical advice and covers topics such as: how to select the correct sample rates; how to avoid aliasing effects; how digital amplifiers work; the advantages and drawbacks of carrier-frequency supply; the impact of measuring leads; and how data processing works in modern measuring data acquisition systems.

This is followed by the popular ‘Measurement Uncertainty’ training course, which takes place on 26-27th February and is aimed at all measurement engineers in charge of planning and taking measurements as well as users performing measurement data analysis. Offering delegates the opportunity to learn and practise the GUM-based approach, this course aims to provide an appreciation of the concept of uncertainty of measurement in a calibration or testing environment.  The course takes attendees through the process of calculating uncertainties, by a combination of lectures and practical application exercises.

Located at the AMP Technology Centre in Rotherham and presented by experienced lecturers, these two training courses will enable attendees to bring measurement technology know-how up to date with professional training that has a perfect mix of sound basic knowledge and practical guidance.

The HBM Academy trainers have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of data acquisition, strain gauge measurement and analysis of measurement data and have been successfully training engineers worldwide for many years.



To register or for further information on these training courses, contact HBM on

+44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: info@uk.hbm.co.uk or visit the HBM website at www.hbm.com/en/menu/seminars/seminar-calendar/

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