Higher quality thanks to the cooled compact slide unit

In autumn 2022, Meusburger presented a mould making innovation: the E 3380 compact slide unit. It is the only compact slide unit with a prefabricated cooling hole and an integrated fountain on the market.

Customers also benefit from the extremely compact design and a slide stroke of up to 40 mm, which can be adjusted if necessary. During the development of the slide unit, particular emphasis was placed on ease of use, which is why the geometries allow maximum flexibility during installation. The hardened and DLC coated compact slide is available from stock at Meusburger in three different sizes and two different stroke lengths. The 3D data for all sizes can be exported from the Meusburger shop ready-to-use. In addition, the subtraction solids are available for CAD design for each variant. This enables the mould designer to place a slide assembly in their CAD design in just a few minutes. To match the compact slide unit, Meusburger recommends the E 3046 slide stopper. There is already a prefabricated cut-out in the slide for the stopper.


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