Hydrogen Measurement in Isomerization Unit

At a refinery in California, the thermal onductivity analyzer previously used for measuring recycle hydrogen on the isomerization unit was obsolete and had been out of service for over 15 years. The site engineers were tasked with finding the most efficient, state of the art means for hydrogen measurement to replace the outdated analyzer.

Instead of replacing a thermal conductivity analyzer with the same technology, H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ Model 2700 in-line hydrogen analyzer was selected. The analyzer has been in operation for over 4 months and has resulted in a much simpler installation, better functionality and significantly less maintenance in comparison to a typical thermal conductivity analyzer.

H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ Model 2700 provides crucial information on the partial pressure of hydrogen across the catalyst. If the partial pressure drops below 125 psia, rapid coking of the  isomerization catalyst occurs. This makes the H2scan analyzer a vital tool for confirming the condition of the catalyst and any potential upsets, ensuring the proper operation of the isomerization

H2scan’s analyzers do not require a reference gas for operation and provide a much smaller, simpler form factor than most alternatives. This results in simplified, less costly installation. An additional benefit is minimal maintenance required, providing significant cost savings over time.

“Our first H2scan HY OPTIMA Model 2700 has been in service for 4 months. It has added significant efficiency to the process by providing real time and accurate H2 measurements. This will
also help us extend catalyst life, thus allowing longer runs between regenerations or change-out. We are extremely happy with the performance of H2scan’s technology and are actively
looking for additional installation points.” –Supervisor Maintenance / Instrumentation.


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