IBASE Europe, reputable manufacturer of industrial systems, panel PC’s and SBC’s

IBASE Europe (TMC Technology), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBASE Technology Inc. (Taiwan),  is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of single board computers, motherboards and systems in the Industrial PC market based on x86 and RISC architectures. The product lines include a comprehensive range of embedded boards in various form factors, box PCs, Panel PCs and network appliances.

With a strong and highly regarded R&D team and flexible manufacturing capabilities especially in providing ODM solutions for customers’ specific requirements, IBASE is now a leader in designing and developing products that integrate cutting-edge technology, meet unique and specific requirements in both standard and custom products, and fast time-to-market.

IBASE’s R&D team boasts of talented electronics, layout, system, mechanical hardware, BIOS, firmware as well as software engineers. Half of the team are seasoned with more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields, while the other 45 percent carry more than five years of experience. Because of their accumulated expertise, the R&D team is able to design and create new products for the demanding and dynamic market. And to faithfully deliver according to the specific requirements of customers within the shortest period, the team also collaborates with the most respectable ODM/JDM companies in the IPC industry.

IBASE carries out manufacturing and quality control at its own manufacturing sites, one in Sanchung and another one in Hsinchuang, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Both factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, while the Sanchung factory has achieved ISO 14001 certification. IBASE factories are designed with anti-static protection using ESD floor protection and proper grounding to eliminate the static on every floor. A static monitoring device checks the grounding impedance in the entire factory.

To ensure product quality and reliability, IBASE’s manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art machines and effective inspection tools. Error-free pick and place machines precisely place the correct components into the exact locations. Solder paste thickness measurement, 2.5D X-ray scan, 3D scope for solder ball inspection and 100% AOI inspection are performed to control the quality of SMT manufacturing in board production.

The production facility is equipped with two Class 10,000 LCD clean rooms that implement a strict in-and-out standard, and manned with QC staff that carry out 100% inspection in the clean rooms to minimize the possibility of contamination, particularly in the assembly of panel PCs. Furthermore, dust control precautions are taken during the final assembly through the use of dust-proof curtains and special auto-grade spray solution. All systems also undergo Hi-Pot testing to ensure that the leakage current flow is within safety limits.

A 100% burn-in test at 40°C for four hours is implemented as standard to detect early failures, and to check systems reliability. The burn-in temperature is adjusted according to customer specifications. To fully comply with specific and particular requirements of clients, IBASE also integrates designated software as products go through the high-temperature burn-in process. Products designed to operate outdoors are not only subjected to high temperature testing but also to a long period of infrared exposure test to validate their system stability and ensure optimum performance even under direct sunlight.

Even from the initial planning phase of product development, IBASE engages various departments to study and discuss all the relevant processes including logistics, design, manufacturing and quality control, to identify, meet and even exceed customer demands. In addition to meeting demands for quality, IBASE’s team aims to reduce costs and shorten the development process, and attend to all matters leading to the overall satisfaction of clients.

IBASE is built on the corporate cornerstones of “teamwork, sharing, innovation, efficiency, and service”. These hold the key to IBASE’s extraordinary competitiveness and continuous growth. As a team, IBASE is committed to consistently provide products and services of the highest quality and competitiveness to strategically position customers in a win-win situation.

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