Improve ladder safety with LADDERTAG from Scafftag

Laddertag is the original and industry leading status tagging system for ladders. Laddertag is a robust and highly visible system, instantly showing the ladder is in date for it’s thorough examination, the ladder’s inspection period and a guide to the pre-use and in-use visual inspections to be carried out by the operative.  This clear system has been adopted by thousands of leading ISO 9000 companies. A complete range of ladder inspection systems are available to control your ladder safety, inspections, maintenance and identification.

Scafftag helps companies stay compliant and up to date with latest Standards.  The Ladder Inspection Guide Poster notes the do’s don’ts and best practice, while the Yellow Book offers the ‘ladder management’ element. Guidance, Risk Assessment, Ladder Register and Inspection Report – total compliance in it’s simplest form.

Ladder Inspection Guide Poster

This is a A2 wall sheet, which has been updated to align with BS EN 131. Ladder Inspection Guide Poster details key components, user’s do’s and don’ts and legislation requirements.

The Yellow Book Ladder Inspection Records

The Yellow Book from Scafftag is the must have ladder accessory!  Make maintaining safety of your ladders simple and compliant. Combining all the elements required to manage your ladders (steps, fixed, pole and hop-ups) in one protective binder.

It contains legislative and risk assessment guidance, ladder register, inspection reports and fault notifications.

  • Scafftag’s Yellow Book helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of:
  • Conducting a risk assessment
  • Inspecting and maintaining equipment at suitable periods as deemed appropriate by a risk assessment
  • Maintaining a record of all timed, written inspections
  • Maintaining the important Ladder Register
  • Ensuring the life-cycle of the ladder is documented

Refills of ladder inspection reports, notification of fault reports and ladder registers are also available for. Several numerical combinations of holders and inserts are now available to accommodate all requirements – from just 1 ladder upwards (for management of multiple ladders, consider Safetrak – the electronic management system.  Streamlining reporting and minimizing paperwork)!

Are you looking for simplicity and compliance?

Choose one of Scafftag’s Ladder Inspection Kits. Ladder management kits from Scafftag offer a convenient solution for ladder inspection including Laddertags, a handy pocket guide and the step by step ladder management system.

You can find all useful tools for your Ladder Safety compliance at one place. Directly from the world class producer and made in UK!

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