JSP’s New Fall Arrest Range – Bringing JSP Flair to Work at Height

JSP is proud to introduce a brand new complete range of stylish fall protection equipment designed with the user in mind.

Every detail of the range, which includes top-quality harnesses, lanyards, restraint systems, lifelines, retractable fall limiters, rescue equipment, full specialist kits and accessories, has been meticulously thought through from start to finish. Quality, comfort, style and affordability are its hallmarks.


JSP’s new collection of harnesses and lanyards covers everything needed for working safely at height, from the Spartan™ economy range, ideal for occasional and short term use, through to the Pioneer™ mid-range, and then through to the premium K2™ collection, which conforms to the highest standards of technology, comfort, safety and ergonomic design.

For day-long wear, JSP’s Pro-Fit™ harnesses, made from elasticated webbing, offers total safety and comfort with its ultra-lightweight aluminium hardware. The Pro-Fit range also includes JSP’s DielectriK™ Harness, the only fully insulated harness in Europe, is made entirely from electrically-insulating polymers, making it ideal for people working in environments carrying a risk of electrocution.

JSP’s new range of Rescue devices includes the CRD (Constant Rate Descender) and CRD+, which ensure a controlled safe descent. The CRD+ can raise as well as lower the casualty if needed.

The new range of Atex-approved, robust, retractable fall limiters are cased in virtually indestructible polymer, while the new lightweight 2m retractable fall limiter is the lightest in its class in the world, weighing less than 700g without connectors.


All JSP’s harnesses are colour-coordinated throughout in smart black and grey with bright red stitching for extra visibility and easy inspection. With ultra-lightweight toughened aluminium hardware and connectors, the K2 range features air mesh material to ensure breathability and extra comfort and to prevent the harnesses from entanglement for easy donning.

All harnesses and fall arrest lanyards also have fall indicators, so that the integrity of the product can be immediately checked.

Mark Felstead, Height Safety Product Manager at JSP, said: “Falls from height are sadly still the most common cause of fatalities and serious injury in the workplace. JSP are confident that our new height safety range of products and ROSPA-accredited training courses will help reduce that toll.”



More information is available from www.jsp.co.uk, by emailing uksales@jsp.co.uk, or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.

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