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Automation. Why risk human error when we can program devices to do it for us? That’s why Lascar have developed a new range of products that automate temperature and humidity data logging and data storage, and provide instant alert notifications.

Collecting and tracking changes in environmental data can be crucial – for example the temperature of a vaccine fridge or the humidity levels of a display case that holds a rare artefact – it’s vital we know about changes in that environment immediately.  Failure to spot subtle or significant changes could result in the loss of tens of thousands of pounds worth of vaccine or put an exhibit in danger of irrevocable damage.

Before the introduction of data loggers, a simple thermometer or chart recorder would display temperature and humidity but such devices did not record longer term data or communicate instant alarm notifications without a visual check.  Add inaccurate readings, missed or misread readings or the failure to spot alarms and the human element of data collection really begins to show some serious and potentially expensive flaws.

In removing the need for human intervention, Lascar with its EasyLog EL-MOTE family is automating data collection – remotely, securely and instantly.

Data Access from Any Internet-Enabled Device

The EL-MOTE WiFi-based temperature and temperature and humidity sensors, combined with the EasyLog Cloud create an affordable monitoring system. Data is streamed remotely, discretely, and securely to the EasyLog Cloud for access from any internet-enabled device. Monitor and manage compact systems with just a few measuring points or corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe.

Never Miss a Critical Alarm with Instant Email Alerts

On the EasyLog Cloud, critical data is stored securely and indefinitely. View sensors in multiple locations in a single account. Change their settings remotely and view a record of any past triggered alarm events. Powerful graphing functionality allows extensive analysis and review and its flexible notification system means you’ll never miss a critical event such as an alarm breach.

Simple Device Set Up

Device set-up is simple using EasyLog’s smartphone App. Once complete, place the sensor anywhere within the WiFi network where data will be streamed to the EasyLog Cloud. EL-MOTE sensors have single and dual channel options and are waterproof for use both indoors and outdoors. Each sensor has a battery life of up to two years or can be mains powered, and include an on-board status indicator and sounder.

Temperature and humidity data collection is an inevitable and growing requirement from a due diligence, regulatory and peace of mind perspective. Automating both collection and alarms allows us all to breath a little better at night knowing we have all the answers at the swipe of a screen, 24/7.

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