Learning and Compliance Management Support.

From Board level crisis to control in 72 hours. 

Precision’s INFINITY Learning and Compliance Management System (LCMS) was given its new name after it was accessed by over 70,000 staff members in one of its many installations.

Along with the completion and analysis of 6 million assessment questions, its ease of use and flexibility are key benefits. For an urgent requirement, following the start of the Coronavirus crisis, a new SOP had to be implemented immediately and compliance recorded in a new installation. 

Customisation to the client’s corporate style, configuration and uploading of staff data, the training and compliance module was made available. Online assessments and compliance certification for every colleague issued were all installed. All within 72 hours after the briefing. 


Reassurance to the whole workforce that the Coronavirus danger to the Company would be minimised by everyone following the new SOP. 

Reassurance to the Board that they had implemented their responsibilities cost effectively. 

Staff said INFINITY was “as instinctive as a smart phone to use” 

Director for Learning and Compliance Systems, Matthew Caldwell- Nichols said INFINITY was built for end users to find learning enjoyable to use and for managers to have all the information available that they required to support their colleagues and report on compliance.

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