HBP-ZL Heat Regenerative Zero-loss Desiccant Air Dryers Touchscreen Control, -70°C and -40°C dewpoints. Heat Recovery and Heat of Compression Energy Saving options. UK Design and Build. Lowest possible running cost.

HPSA Heatless Pressure Swing Adsorption Desiccant Air Dryers -70°C, -40°C and -25°C dewpoints, AEMS Dewpoint Control Systems. Food Industry Approved. Stainless Steel pipework ,supplied complete with filtration.

ATACAMA Point of use Adsorption Dryers, for applications such as Medical, Dental, Breathing Air and critical localised drying, complete with filtration and energy control technology. ATACAMA-CT is a third adsorption vessel for breathing air or Class ‘O’ applications.

Hi-Dri Membrane Dryers, membrane technology requires no electrical energy and is suited to remote applications on site where clean, dry air is required in absence of power supply.

TUNDRA Refrigeration Air Dryers, Energy Saving “Eco” controller for energy reduction on low or partial flows. Direct Expansion Technology ensuring a constant +3°C dewpoint. Zero loss condensate removal and digital dewpoint display. UK Industries most popular dryer.

Hi-line Industries Ltd, 5 Crown Industrial Estate, Oxford Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3PG Tel: 01283 533 377 Fax: 01283 533 367 Email: enquiries@hilineindustries.com www.hilineindustries.com

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