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Machines 4 Food Ltd established in 2003 with the joining together of two other companies invoked in sear New and refurbished machines for 20 years. We offer a range of New machines as UK Agents for several companies and we manufacture new machines. We sell New ATM vacuum Packers which have proven to be very reliable in the La market.
The Fatosa range of machines is well known in the UK market and have been sold for nearly 20 yearns. The range includes Bowl Cutters which are the workhorse for the cheese industry Meat flakers and Guillotines a very popular and cost effective product for the meat industry. Also very popular is the simple single paddle tipping Mixers and the Z arm Mixers with vacuum options. A full range of manual and automatic meat mincers are offered.
We are area Agents for the ever popular Robot Coupe range of catering machines.

We manufacture a range of cookers as tray loading Models and trolley loading Models Both with the option of through doors and electric heating with steam from water spray application.
In the last 3 years we have manufacture a range of Lazy Suzy round tables which are normally oirMriln The standard 1:200 mm diameter is complimented by a 1:000 nun diameter & 1:800 min diameter Modell. We are now in full production of our own designed and manufactured Uniball Tumbler Mixer.

This unit is offered in one size of 225 litres capacity with automatic tipping of the drum on buttons Currently used in the food and medical Industry for mixing a large range of products including – Powders, Nuts and seasoning, muesli: meats with sauces: bakery powders, flap jack recipes, The list is endless on the type of products that can succescfiilly mixed with the proven concrete mixer action.
We also offer a range of new wear parts as bandsaw blades, bowl cutter blades, mincer plates and knives.
Our full stock list of 2nd hand machines is of machines that are here on stock in our factory. Normally only refurbished when an order is placed but sometimes ready to delivery quickly
If you are looking for a specific machine please let us know as we have many offered to us that may suit you.

New Unibazl Tumbler Mixer
Stainless steel construction, British built, European parts,
rugged construction for the food industry.
Capacity 225 litres, Load capacity 60kg/ 110kg
Variable Speed Control from 12 rpm to 24 rpm
Drive Motor 1.1Kw

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 09.25.26 Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 09.25.45

Discharge by electric motor 0.12Kw
Rise and fall of the tip controlled by finger hold buttons
Discharge height set for a standard 200litre tote bin

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 09.25.45

New & Used Food Machines All With Warranty

Bowl Cutters Screen-Shot-2016-01-26-at-10.47.11

Used Seydelmann 120 litre Bowl Cutter
Used Rex 200 litre S/S Bowl Cutter & Bowl
New fatosa 35 litre Bowl Cutter S/S Bowl
New Fatosa 120 litre all s/s bowl cutter, variable speed

 Mincers & Mixer Grinders

Used Hobart 56 Mincer, 15 Hp
Used Laska 130 Auto Mincer S/S
Kilia 130 Mincer with mix arm, loader
Used Hobart 4346 Mixer Grinder
Used Wolfking 140 Mixer Grinder
New Fatosa PSA 160 Self feed Mincer
Used KS 46 Hp , upright Emulsifier

Vacuum Packers & Shrink / dip mc’s

New ATM Table Top Vacuum Packer, single phase
New ATM long table top Vacuum packer for fish
New ATM Packman single chamber Vacuum Packer
New ATM large single chamber Vacuum Packer
New ATM double chamber Vacuum Packer
Used Cryovac CJ 51 heat shrink Tunnel
Used Suman semi auto dip tank
Used Mondini Inline Tray sealer, Year 2002
Used Ilpra Inline Tray sealer, Model Speedy year 2003


Mixers & Tumblers

New Fatosa 80 litre paddle Mixer, tipping
Used IFM 1,000 litre Ribbon Mixer
Used Lutetia 150 kg Vacuum Tumbler
Used Lutetia 400 Kg Vacuum Tumbler
Used Ruhle 400 Kg Vacuum Tumbler / cooling

Dicers, Flakers, Graters

Used Treif Dicer 84 x 84 chamber
Used GMC Hydrauflaker
Used Biro Bandsaw sliding table
Used AEW 400 Bandsaw 3 phase, year 2004


Used Koppens VM 600 HS Former
Used Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler
Used double clipper to suit vac filler
Used Risco RS 105 sausage filler linker, year 2010
Used Ranger Apollo Skinless sausage Peeler
Used Hycut sausage snipper, cuts to count
Used BCH 500 litre Steam Vessel with mix
Used Rapidaire 2 Trolley thro’ door steam cooker
Used Nilma auto Pasta Cooker gas heated
Used Do Boy continuous bag sealer
Used Vertical bag clipper       |       Email:   
Tel: 44(0)1761 410345       |       Fax: 44(0)1761 410332

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