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The latest Group Lockout and Permit Control Station offers the function of three products into one device. As for the Retractable Cable Lockout Device, it is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications (mechanical and electrical thanks to non-conductive nylon cable) which offers flexibility to employees when dealing with complex and diverse lockout situations.

S3500 Series Group Lockout and Permit Control Station

It is designed to allow users to organize their lockout equipment and display procedure paperwork in a single location which provides a more efficient work environment for maintenance staff.

The new S3500 series provides the function of three products into one device:

  • S3501 Display Case presents and protects work permits and other procedure documents.
  • S3502 Group Lock Box stores equipment locks and isolates equipment keys when group lockout procedures are underway.
  • The Storage Box stores equipment locks.

The full Permit Station (S3500) offers everything you need during a lockout – the equipment and reference documentation – in the location where the work is being done, minimizing movement of equipment and personnel throughout the facility.

In centralized control room applications, the S3500 Series can be configured as a lock box only (S3502) or as a full station (S3500). The lock caddy provided within the lock box eases the transport of equipment locks from the control room to the point of application.

S856 and S866 Retractable Cable Lockout Devices

Master Lock S856 and S866 new retractable cable lockout devices incorporate a cable take-up reel that is intuitive and ergonomic.  The reel encloses the cable, providing improvements in storage and transport.  The reel’s ratchet feature allows authorized personnel to remove slack in the cable before and during the lockout.

  • The S856 includes a stranded steel core cable that provides the strength and flexibility necessary for challenging applications in the toughest conditions.
  • The S866 has a cable with a nylon core making it ideal for applications requiring high electrical resistance to protect the worker.

Both models have contoured thermoplastic cable housing that allows for the stacking of multiple devices and come with two standard “Danger” labels plus a write-on label that allows end users to add text as needed.  Replacement cable kits are available, enabling end customers to replace old and worn cables or convert from a steel cable to a nylon cable (or vice versa) at a fraction of the cost of a new device.

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