MIE Solutions- Success with the right ERP / MRP software solution.

Success with the right ERP / MRP software solution.

All manufacturers are under pressure to produce high quality products whilst keeping costs low.  As we all know this has an effect on how competitive you can remain within the market. MIETrak Pro is an all inclusive package for the manufacturing industry.  The software takes each individual process of the manufacturing workflow and brings them all together as one well oiled machine.  By investing in this software, you are able to ensure that everyone is “reading from the same hymn sheet”.  This in itself has a positive effect throughout any company.

MIE Solutions UK Ltd are based in Worcestershire and are the leading provider of Production Control Software to the manufacturing sector. We have 25 years experience within the sheet metal, engineering and fabrication industries, and have an international presence with over 10,000 users worldwide and offices situated throughout the world.

Sam Hawkes, MIE Solutions Sales Director, worked within the manufacturing industry before embarking on co owning MIE Solutions UK Ltd with Chris Mann.  This experience has given Sam a first class insight into what the manufacturers’ needs are, and her vast experience is acknowledged and valued within the industry – making the customer instantly assured that the highest quality of service, product and efficiency are top of MIE Solutions UK Ltd priorities.

Once you have made the decision to invest in the latest technology to bring together your company’s workflow process, then comes the question which supplier to use?  There are so many to choose from in today’s market, but it really does have to come down to “What can this software do for my staff and the company?”

MIETrak Pro’s unique selling point is that it includes all the modules, nothing is hidden, no extra costs, a complete product from start to finish and is backed up with its fully operational support team.  The main reason that we do not supply MIETrak Pro in modular format is that we believe that the system must be aware of all factors that can affect production in order for it to function effectively. For example, it is key that the scheduling is aware that  someone is away on holiday or if a material has not been delivered yet, as this will affect production lead time.

MIETrak Pro gives full traceability adhering to ISO and aerospace requirements, enabling you to comply with the increasingly demanding industry. The system helps to avoid unnecessary overproduction, reduces administration and allows you to give a quick and accurate response to your customer. It also records and values the actual time for manufacture, creates a history to when the part was made, on which machine and by which person and it ensures that jobs are prioritised and materials are available before set-up commences. MIETrak Pro is based on the theory of being proactive rather than reactive and presents information to you, rather than you having to search for it.

It is evident from the outset that the speed of order placing and raising enquiries has been improved for all users. Material traceability and historical records are now always accessible, along with detailed reporting for supply monitoring, cost control, scheduling and stock records.

Sam Hawkes states: “MIETrak Pro makes you more aware of the key elements vital to running a manufacturing business.  It provides the grounding for the manufacturer to be able to give accurate answers to the customer quickly.  When you invest in MIETrak Pro you also invest in the MIE Solutions team who are with you every step of the way from the implementation through to training and support.  Any questions that need answering, any reports that need writing, MIE Solutions are always there”.

MIE Solutions Technical Director, Chris Mann concludes; “MIETrak Pro can be moulded to your manufacturing specifics and because of this we are able to make improvements based on the experiences we have had with our customers making it a unique system. In a nutshell, MIETrak Pro will manage the entire workflow process and streamline your operations.  Long gone are the labour intensive and time consuming duties.  The future of first class manufacturing is here at your fingertips”.

For more Information and for a free no obligation demonstration, please call : 01527 576444 or email: sales@mie-solutions.co.uk





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