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MACH 2020 is almost upon us and MiniTec UK is raring to get there. Visit them on stand 7-626 to see their flexible aluminium profile system at its best. MiniTec is exhibiting in four major areas which illustrate how adaptable the MiniTec system is and how it can benefit an enormous range of manufacturing processes and lines.

MiniTec manufacture technologies and make systems work as simply and effectively as possible. The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system, with its unique Powerlock® fastening method, allows effortless implementation that can minimise design time and speed up installation.

The four focuses for MiniTec at MACH 2020 are:


MiniTec has integrated the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing tool, the cobot. They recognised that a cobot can fit quite easily into some existing processes, taking over repetitive tasks and completing them quickly, efficiently and error-free. MiniTec carefully considered its own current operations and found the best use for a cobot to improve efficiency and output. See it in action on the MiniTec stand and find out more about how it has been successfully integrated.

Flexible Roller Carrier System

The latest addition to MiniTec’s aluminium modular profile solution is the Flexible Roller Carrier System (FRS). In true MiniTec style, this innovative system can easily be retrofitted to existing material feeders and Kanban systems. It adds several further benefits to the already highly capable solution. The FRS is ideal for monitoring stock movements on FIFO flow racks and it can handle different load capacities and inclined sections, as well as being easily integrated into existing workstations.

Machine Safety Guarding

A key feature of the MiniTec modular aluminium profile system is its machine safety guarding capabilities. Thanks to the Powerlock® fastening method, machine safety guarding is easy and quick to assemble and able to integrate with existing systems. MiniTec can also create custom guards, screens and enclosures for a wide range of machine and assembly lines.


MiniTec practice what they preach and have incorporated their own highly practical and ergonomic workstations into their own workflows. The workstations allow for increased productivity and minimised errors. Their logical operations features and innovative designs allow even the most complex workflows to be simplified. As you expect from MiniTec, the workstations are highly flexible as they can be easily integrated into a wide range of existing processes.

To see these products and more of MiniTec’s range in action, visit the team at MACH 2020 on stand 7-626.

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