The new Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F40 4kW a high-speed fibre laser cutting machine for high processing of sheet-metal and plate profiles. This machine has increased capacity of previous models 3-5 times faster than Co2 machines. The new capacity of the ML3015eX is 25mm mild steel, 20mm for stainless steel16mm for aluminium, brass up to 12mm and copper 6mm.

The machine is particularly fast on thin materials however it has been designed to cut thick materials faster than Co2 laser. Also been designed with Thick Mild Steel Cutting Enhancement Function (option) improves thick plate cutting performance.

Motors, Drives, Driver-units, & CNC are all designed & manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, helical gear drives then make its position and cutting very fast. Automatic shuttle tables with options for pallet loader or a sheet storage system can be fitted to make for added cutting efficiency.

Mitsubishi touch-screen features fast and easy operation with bar-code reader simple two step operation. Simple nesting at the control to meet urgent needs, simple program editor allow the change of program and processing condition number easily on the graphic screen.

Ultra high-speed laser cutting technology F-CUT reduces processing time by approx.60%(Comparison with normal cutting), reduces operating cost by approx. 65% (Comparison with Mitsubishi CO2 ), same processing quality as CO2 laser

MHC0L Mitsubishi High Speed Control for Laser system is utilized to maximize the high-speed processing performance of the Fiber laser. Fast communication between system and oscillator Beam, on/off timing is controlled in one-microsecond (2usec) units (1/1.000,000).

Automatic focusing processing head developed in-house enables the automatic focusing function to be provided as standard

Active control adjusts the processing condition by a dial while looking at the processing. Damage reduction protects the head and minimizes the need for nozzle centering in the event of a crash. Allow for quick recovery.

Hot reserve function, even if a module failure occurs, continous operation is possible with this remaining modules at full normal power

High-efficiency fiber laser oscillator efficiency achieves electric power saving compared to Co2 lasers, fiber lasers with high conversion efficiency consumes less electricity.

Power-saving CNC and drive unit reduces operating costs by energy-saving CNC and drive unit realized using Mitsubishi Electric CNC and drive unit best matched for the fiber-laser oscillator.

Eco mode cost during standby has been reduced by up to 70% by incorporating Eco mode which automatically shuts down operation in stages after processing stops.

Visualization of Power /Gas consumption can be easily checked on the operating screen. Complementing its high performance, the eXF Series is also probably the most eco-friendly and cost effective laser on the market.

“Where routine replacement wear parts can total tens of thousands of pounds on other laser machines – the Mitsubishi design is in the scale of hundreds of pounds, even after many thousands of hours in operation.

and eco-friendly, cost-saving features. These make it the smart choice for small job shops or high volume production facilities.”  For more information contact:-

Tel: 01746 780154



EX-F 40

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