Mixing by vibration for faster and gentler mixing

For sensitive products which need to be treated gently vibrating mixers are ideally suited. The FUNDAMIX® is a state of the art vibromixer which offers a number of advantages which can increase yield and mixing efficiency, especially when low shear forces are required.

Introducing the FUNDAMIX® Silent

The FUNDAMIX® Silent is a newly developed design which works on a completely different vibration principle based on carbon fiber composite materials. Compared to the standard FUNDAMIX® the main advantage is the silent operation and the wider frequency and amplitude range which ideally adapts the equipment to the operating conditions.

The FUNDAMIX® is a sophisticated mixing device that finds widespread use in the chemical, microbiological, victual and pharmaceutical industries. The mixing effect is generated by high frequency vibration created by an electromagnetic drive. The vibration is transferred through the length of a shaft to a perforated mixing plate with conical bores. The oscillation of the plate causes the liquid to be pumped through the conical holes, creating a flow according to the Bernoulli effect.

The flow direction can be upward (type A), which minimizes the heel volume, or downward (type B), excelling in applications where the product tends to sediment, foam, or requires gas dispersion. Unlike rotating impellers, the FUNDAMIX® does not have any rotating parts, requires no baffles and mechanical seals on the vessel, induces no vortices and has a low OPEX.

The FUNDAMIX® membrane sealing unit options offer a low maintenance solution perfectly suited for a sterile environment. The absence of rotating parts results in the seal being guaranteed with use of a simple membrane, capable of withstanding both full vacuum and pressure up to 5 bar g or higher upon special request. The membrane seal design does not generate any friction unlike rotating devices and is well suited for both CIP & SIP processes.

Mixing devices are designed according to the customer and process requirements to guarantee optimal mixing performance, constructed according to the hygienic design principles and supplied with all supporting documentation.

The flow direction can be adapted to suit the application or desired mixing effect, the mixing direction depends on the orientation of the conical bores. The FUNDAMIX® mixing technique generates fast, homogenous product dispersion without a vortex and if required, with minimal surface movement.

We offer a wide range of control equipment, from standalone devices to bespoke control cabinets. Our range of controllers are well suited for integration with existing PLC systems via a selection of communication interfaces.

For devices that are to be installed within an explosive environment we are able to provide ATEX certified equipment for zones 1 & 2.

To learn more about our FUNDAMIX®, please visit https://drm-filters.com/fundamix-vibromixer

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