Mixing Downtime outpaced by Chemineer’s new Express service

Chemineer, a leading manufacturer of mixers and agitators for the water and wastewater industries, has launched a new Express Service that is designed to offer customers immediate help in achieving operational performance goals for agitation and mixing processes.

Bringing a skilled team of field service engineers to help install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot any on-site needs, Chemineer Express will provide a fast turnaround for replacement parts and services.  It also includes the carrying out of reliability audits and operator training.

Irfan Rehman, Chemineer’s Sales Manager, explains:

“This timely launch of Chemineer Express will enable us to help our customers optimise their mixing processes and minimise downtime”.

Boosted by new owners National OilwellVarco (NOV) and Chemineer’s already healthy fluid agitation business, the need had rapidly arisen for an enhanced focus on parts and services.

The Chemineer Express side of the business will provide drop-in replacement parts, while the core business, established in Derby over three decades ago, will continue to offer its wealth of design and manufacturing expertise for special projects.

In addition to the new Chemineer Express service, Chemineer has most recently launched the acclaimed RL-3 non-ragging impeller to serve the UK water and wastewater industries.  Notable orders have also been gained so far this year in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, where its innovative mixer and agitator designs are proving increasingly popular for their performance, reliability and longevity.



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