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Your business needs to take advantage of the limitless free power from the wind that the UK offers. The price of electricity is set to increase over the next 20 years and you can make the decision to help offset that known cost increase by investing now into the cheapest form of renewable energy available.

Significant demand sites are perfectly suited to wind turbines. We have found that sites that are in urban or rural areas with a high demand for electricity will benefit most from medium to large scale wind turbines. These include factories, chilled or frozen warehousing units, manufacturing or processing plants, docks, and quarries and mines.

Newgen Power are your ideal partner for reducing your company’s reliance on the National Grid. We are turn-key installers and operators of turbines ranging from 50kW to 900kW.

We have turbines designed to take advantage of average wind speeds between 4.5mps to over 10mps. The bands of turbines range from Class IA to IIA which covers all of the UK’s conditions for wind that you may experience. We will be able to quickly tell you where your sites sit on these spectrums over the phone. Give us a call on 01484 766 165 to discuss.

We only deal in bankable machines with certified due diligence that are made to a high quality standard from Endurance Wind Power, EWT, and WTN. All of which are very well recognised and reliable machines that have variants that can be matched to your requirements for grid, power, wind speed, tip height and other restrictions. They are all built and assembled in the EU, UK or Canada using parts from reputable and recognisable component brands like Siemens, Schneider and ABB.

We do not try to force you down a particular path with a certain turbine. We look to give you the options for the best turbines for your site while meeting any site specific constraints that might exist. This will mean that you are sure to get the most out of your site for the company.

We have installed over 50 on-shore turbines across the UK and offer a full service to our clients, doing everything that is needed to get your turbine spinning and keep it spinning for the next 20 plus years. This includes:

  • Working with your planning consultant from the outset to site the turbine in the location with the optimum chance of planning success
  • Designing the electrical connections both to the grid and the connections on site for your own use
  • Securing the G59 grid connection from your DNO and working with them to find the most cost effective solution
  • Cabling the site and putting in the substations, foundations, earthing systems, and any roads for access
  • Installing, maintaining and servicing the turbines with OEM parts
  • Commissioning the site and, in over 20 years’ time, decommissioning the site

All of our turbines come with at least a 5 year warranty and all of them are extendable, some even to 20 years. What this means is peace of mind when it comes to planned maintenance, checks and services as well as any enhancements or issues that may arise.

We have a dedicated team of after sales colleagues who will assist you with Ofgem FiT requirements, metering, and selling or using the electricity on or off-site. We know that this is not your day job and we are here to help make a smooth transition to owning a wind turbine.

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Give us a call today on 01484 766 165, email us on or visit our website on for more information today.

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