New 2016 Catalogue Now Available From Martindale Electric

The latest Martindale Electric catalogue is the essential reference for all electricians and maintenance personnel working on electrical equipment and installations and those involved in safe isolation.

Organised into 12 comprehensive categories, allowing you to easily find what you need, the expanded 73-page, catalogue is a complete electrical test guide with invaluable information about how to choose the right equipment for the job from socket testers to 17th Edition multifunction instruments.

Featuring nearly 300 items of electrical and environment test equipment and accessories, the new catalogue includes over 30 brand new products and several new kits offering great value and complete solutions to many application from safe isolation to PAT testing.

A completely new series of tough, high performance clamp meters from Martindale Electric are showcased. The pocket sized clamps enable accurate True RMS AC and DC current measurement from micro Amps to 600 Amps.  The new CM69 leakage clamp with 1 micro Amp resolution opens up new applications for troubleshooting nuisance tripping of RCDs, checking for insulation leakage and appliance testing.

Martindale make getting up to speed with the latest standards easy with new kits including the ET4500 PRO bundle which includes software for auto-filling of 17th Edition Amendment 3 inspection certificates and testers with Amendment 3 limits built-in. New certificate pads are also available.  The comprehensive range of proving units and voltage indicators makes it easy to achieve compliance with the latest Edition 4 of GS38.

Also featured in the catalogue is the new range of insulated Drummond G clamps, designed to provide safe and easy connection to bus bars for voltage measurement and comprehensive kits to enable safe working practices when installing smart metering.

Containing more information than ever before, the new catalogue which features an updated layout, includes a range of helpful and informative tables, which have been added to ensure correct product selection.

Additional information on safe isolation procedures and voltage indication alongside advice on installation safety categories and choosing the right socket tester make the new catalogue an invaluable reference tool.

The catalogue is also available on Martindale’s website in PDF and Interactive Flash format at

For further information or to obtain your free copy of the latest catalogue from Martindale Electric, please contact
Martindale Electric on 01923 441717


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