New Diagnostic Products Aim High: Full Control of Your Industrial Network

More overview, more insight and total network control. That’s what Procentec is promising the Industrial Automation Market with its product launch on 17 November, just a few days before this year’s SPS Connect.

The developer is convinced that its newest bundle of products will generate widespread interest across the industry. This week, it published on its website a registration page for the virtual launch:

It’s encouraging all those who use PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet for their industrial networks to sign up and book a timeslot.

“These products are something field technicians have been longing for,” says Pieter Barendrecht, CEO of Procentec. “A one-to-one digital session with our crew will be an eye-opening event for them.”

He’s clearly enthusiastic about the upcoming releases. “Our latest products will cut down on unnecessary engineer call-outs, reduce the time spent on finding network errors, and provide clear advice on how to troubleshoot. They really do take diagnostics and monitoring to a new level.”

Two products in particular will be attracting the most attention. One because it’s a brand new product that will reduce production downtime drastically once installed. The other because it provides an intuitive helicopter view of the entire network, yet it allows technicians to drill down to the last device and get that all important diagnostic information.

Barendrecht isn’t giving away just yet the names of these two products or the other eight major product releases and scale-ups. But he guarantees that the launch will be well worth attending, even though this year it’s going to be a virtual event.

“Because of the black swan event this year, we’ve postponed all our releases until SPS Connect,” he explains. “So, we’re going to be launching in one go much more than we usually do. Even so, each release complements perfectly all the other great products in our portfolio.”

The launch is timed to immediately precede SPS Connect, which this year takes place on 24-26 November. Just like the traditional version, the virtual exhibition will be connecting manufacturers and users of smart and digital automation. Procentec will be there; its stand will offer visitors a grand tour of the company, a hands-on explanation of their new solutions, plus a few surprises.


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