New guide helps to simplify pressure transmitter selection

Advice from ABB experts helps reduce the complexities of pressure transmitter selection find out how to select the right pressure transmitter for your application with ABB’s latest ‘How To’ guide. Titled ‘How to select the right pressure transmitter for your application’, the seven page guide covers the key factors to consider when choosing pressure transmitters and ancillary equipment.

Written by ABB’s pressure measurement experts, the guide begins by highlighting the differences between transducers and transmitters and explains the sorts of application to which each type of device is best suited. More details on operating environments are contained in the second section, which provides advice on selecting equipment where extreme temperature, humidity and vibration conditions might be of concern.

The guide then goes on to look at the different types of transmitters available, each of which use different techniques to transmit a signal. The guide explains the difference between two-wire, digital and wireless data transmission and how to choose the best device for a given application.

The various factors governing the use of pressure transmitters in hazardous areas are covered in the fourth section of the guide. This section provides information on how to match the right device with the right level of protection against the characteristics of different types of hazardous areas. This information is accompanied by a breakdown of the different cabling and cable gland options available for hazardous environments and how to choose between them.

Advice is also provided on the factors to consider where pressure transmitters are part of a Functional Safety system.
This is followed by a look at the various remote seal options available in applications where the pressure transmitter needs to be isolated from the main process being measured.

The final part of the guide concludes with a look at the benefits of using multivariable transmitters in applications involving the measurement of gases or fluids subject to rapid density changes.

A copy of the guide can be obtained by sending an email to, ref. ‘Pressure Guide’.


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