Lubricants specialist ROCOL has launched a brand new anti-seize and assembly grease to help meat processors reduce machine disassembly time, avoid damage to costly components and extend equipment life.

Developed specifically for food and drink processing facilities, the new FOODLUBE Anti-Seize grease prevents galling and seizure of joints and fasteners. It retains its consistency and doesn’t set firm even in high temperature or humid environments, making it particularly effective for use in areas where regular wash-downs, controlled machine assembly or easy dismantling are required.

FOODLUBE Anti-Seize is optimised for use on stainless steel, commonly used in the food industry due to its corrosion resistance, and it is also compatible with a variety of metals, which allows for the rationalisation of assembly products.

Andy Howard, ROCOL Segment Specialist – Food, says, “The anti-corrosion benefits of stainless steel are widely recognised, but the downside is that it is particularly susceptible to pick-up, galling and seizure. This can make it harder to dismantle machinery, and often results in unscheduled downtime. Using FOODLUBE Anti-Seize as part of an ongoing plant maintenance regime will help protect stainless steel components and extend machine life as a result.”

The high performance product is the latest addition to ROCOL’s Kosher certified, NSF and ISO21469 registered FOODLUBE range.

Purpose designed for use in meat and wider food processing and packing facilities, FOODLUBE Anti Seize is suitable for use on joints, threaded fasteners, fixings, screws, bolts, nuts and washers.

A single 500g tin will lubricate up to 1000 fasteners, making it cost effective and economical in use, further contributing to reduced lubrication costs.

FOODLUBE Anti-Seize is available at Acorn. For more information about the product visit

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