Our Sole Concern Is The Health Of Your Skin

Skin protection starts with the use of pr88 the wash off cream or the new pr88 liquid known throughout the world as the finest “barrier” cream money can buy, but there are many situations where pr88 does not provide the ideal protection. An example is in workplaces with intensive radiation most often from electric are welding lamps for hardening of plastics and drying of paint etc. In this situation the use of prUV skin protection will guarantee that rays from UVA, UVB and UVC will be unable to damage the skin protected by prUV lotion. Simple to apply in all areas of the body, including the face, the lotion is removed by the simple expedient of washing.

Other products include prDry Hands which is a gel specially concocted to prevent softening of the skin. prDry Hands should be applied where moisture or wetness caused by skin-tight protective gloves or footwear occurs. It can also be used in wet and moist working areas and where fibreglass and dust occur. PrDry Hands protects and strengthens the skin and reduces the formation of sweat especially where latex gloves are worn for any length of time. There are times when skin protection products within the range cannot be used and in this instance prClean R hand cleanser which contains abrasives will remove dirt from heavily soiled and greasy hands and will even lift stubborn and deeply ingrained dirt; of course due consideration should be given and this product should not be used indiscriminately.

It is always correct to use the mildest possible cleanser that fits the job but if you cannot remove dirt and grime with soaps and lotions then prClean R will do the job for you. Remember having used protective cream and/or cleansers it is sensible to consider after care lotions of which our pr2000 is one of the best available.

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