Paramount Waste and Dust Extraction

Paramount Waste have recently collaborated with Capital Compactors and National Paper Recycling to install a paper and dust extraction system into Printforce in Biggleswade for their new Kolbus KM200 binder, Horizon 3 knife trimmer, Kolbus HD/HD 3 knife and guillotine.

Printforce require outstanding reliability to match their production so we designed that in with our high-quality products to give them the 24/7 non-stop solution you see pictured here. Our challenge was to ensure the range of waste sizes from 6mm up to 50mm would be removed, without issue, at all times.

Additionally, there is a need to continually manage the extraction of perfect bound dust (of which there is always a lot!).

Printforce have the ability to produce a run of 1-400 books for big clients such as Amazon with format changes on the fly. This allows the client to hold ‘virtual stock’ as orders can be fulfilled in no time at all. Their previous solution was to run all waste into bins close to the machines, which was incredibly labour intensive and not a sustainable solution for their demand.

When they accepted the way forward was to automate their extraction, they came to Paramount knowing we would design and build a solution that fitted their brief and gave them peace of mind. We incorporated our Rotary Separator with one of our bullet-proof fans and a trouser leg diverter to feed to a pair of compactors, giving double the capacity and built in redundancy for maintenance. We also utilised an Explosion Containment Valve ‘ECV’ and an ATEX certified filter to comply with legislation and protect their workforce & machinery.

With huge thanks to:

Capital Compactors

National Paper Recycling

And of course the Biggleswade factory of Printforce

Please get in touch if you need spares, servicing or anything from small alterations up to a full turnkey extraction system:

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