Pem Automation Ltd

Operating from a manufacturing facility in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Pem Automation has been designing and manufacturing capital equipment for 40 years. Originally founded in 1978, the company has grown from being a small engineering workshop to its current status as a leading source of automation in Ireland. Pem Automation Ltd was formed in 2005 during an MBO of the original company. The company now employs 24 people with a broad range of technical skills and experience.


One of the first special-purpose machines designed by Pem was an automatic press system to punch holes in a variety of tin whistle barrels. This machine is still in operation today. Pem takes the design philosophy used to build that machine and applies the latest technology and available skills to ensure that the systems being built today are of the highest quality. The biggest changes witnessed by the company in recent years are in the areas of project management and design. The company has invested in the implementation of SolidWorks design softwareMasterCam machining software, RobotStudio programming software, EPlan controls design software, Microsoft Office, Project & Access based management systems. Extensive in-house knowledge is combined with hi-speed fibre broadband internet access to source suitable component parts and equipment globally.


Pem Automation manufactures special-purpose machinery and engineering products for a broad range of manufacturing companies. The company specialises in producing automation and tooling for the manufacture of automotive trim and medical devices. We manufacture machine parts from customer drawings or sample parts using our comprehensive machining facility including EDM, WEDM and CNC machines. Components can then be heat-treated, plated, anodised, sandblasted or polished. Pem uses sub-contractors to provide vital functions like laser cutting, water-jet cutting and fabrication. The company is currently collaborating with other midlands-based organisations on an R&D project in the area of Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing.


Pem provides a range of Controls services from panel building to specialised system design & software development. This includes consultation, concept, quotation, detailed design, assembly, installation, commissioning and software services.


The company has over many years developed strong relationships with a loyal customer base in the automotive, healthcare and engineering sectors. Customers include WKW AutomotiveBoston ScientificCovidien Healthcare, Ophardt, Surmodics, AIS and C&F Automotive.

Close long-term relationships are also maintained with high quality suppliers which ensure that the most up to date equipment and processes are incorporated in our designs.


Pem Automation offers a complete turnkey service which includes design, manufacturing, software development, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric and electronic controls all under one roof. The company prides itself in the after sales service and support that accompanies each project. A strong emphasis on customer care is reflected in the fact that the company has had very long relationships with its customers.

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