Powerful Data Logger And Controller With Free Online Data Viewing And Sharing

The groundbreaking GP2 Data Logger offers huge power and flexibility, yet is simple to set up and operate. Complex models can be achieved without specialist programming skills. Powerful results can be achieved with just a reasonable knowledge of spreadsheet level algebraic expressions.

The Delta-T GP2 Data Logger and Controller has 12 channels and is weatherproof, rugged and battery powered. It comes with 12 differential analog inputs and 2 relays (expandable to 6). It can log most sensor types and accepts voltage, resistance, current, potentiometer, counter, bridge, frequency and digital state inputs. Equally suited to both simple logging tasks and challenging monitoring/controlling applications, it is highly flexible. The GP2 supports USB/RS232 and SDI-12 communications.

Free online data viewing and sharing service – “DeltaLINK-Cloud”

DeltaLINK-Cloud is a new online data viewing and sharing services for Delta-T Devices data loggers. Collect, view and share your sensor data with ease. Anywhere. Anytime.

• FREE service
• Remote data monitoring
• Share data and collaborate
• Automatic upload
• Mobile, tablet and PC compatible
• Flexible charting and reporting
• Smart SIM card provided
• Secure and encrypted
• Multi-language (French, German, Spanish, Chinese)

More info on DeltaLINK-Cloud can be found here: (http://www.delta-t.co.uk/datalink-cloud.asp)

Advanced features

The GP2 enables users to create scripts for implementing models and systems. They can define custom rules for the controlling of projects, and define their own algorithms and formulas. In addition, threshold values can be easily adjusted in realtime whilst the program is running – a unique feature.

The GP2 has a dedicated online resource centre where visitors can access a series of tutorial videos and application notes. The centre also features a free download of the GP2’s sophisticated DeltaLINK Software. DeltaLINK includes a unique Simulator function – that generates realistic simulated environmental data quickly and easily. This function runs independently of the logger and allows years of logging time to be simulated in just a few minutes. It enables the testing of logging programs (and evaluation of experimental method) before real-world activation.

A data logger you can trust

The GP2 is designed and manufactured by UK-based Delta-T Devices Ltd, who have over 25 years’ experience in building sophisticated field-proven data loggers for the scientific research market, so reliability, accuracy and longevity is assured.

All Delta-T loggers come fully featured with no hidden extras. The GP2 has recently been selected for two UK Government Technology Strategy Board funded collaborations – with total project costs of 2.4 million dollars.

Key features of the GP2:

Easy selection of sensors – accessible and fast pick-and-click system.
Sophisticated control algorithms – create complex and powerful models – without programming skills.
Custom in-line data processing – implement real-time data-driven calculations such as dew-pointwind chill factor and evapotranspiration calculation and analysis.
Multi-zone functionality – control and monitor up to 6 independent zones concurrently.
Environmental data Simulator – simulate and test your program before real-world activation.
Free use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data viewing and sharing services

Learn more about the GP2 and other Delta-T Devices data loggers here



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