Powersolve Electronics – 240W Din Rail Power Supply With 24V Output & Battery Back Up

The TSPC240-124UPS 24V 240W power supply, supplied by Powersolve Electronics Ltd, provides an integrated professional battery management system to charge and monitor an external lead-acid battery. The result is a complete DC UPS system in a compact housing with no additional parts needed. The external connected 12V battery will be charged and held in charged mode by the power supply. In the event of a mains power failure the battery will supply the output power until the battery is discharged. To avoid overcharging the battery, an external temperature sensor adjusts the battery voltage automatically to the required end of charge voltage. This can extend the battery life. The battery is protected against deep discharge. Mains power and battery status are monitored regularly and failures indicated by corresponding LED’s and alarm outputs. The module also provides an external On/Off input to switch-off both, power supply and battery.

Website: www.powersolve.co.uk  Email: sales@powersolve.co.uk

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