Programmable, modular, multifunctional and cost-saving

Schmersal is not only a manufacturer of safety components, but also a system supplier. In developing the new PROTECT PSC1, we have taken a big step forward in the field of control technology.

The multifunctional PROTECT PSC1 system consists of a reliable, programmable compact safety controller with I/O extension modules for signal processing of emergency stop switches, guard door switches, light grids. Additional mechanical and electronic safety switchgears can be adapted perfectly to specific applications in various branches of industry.

Additionally, there is the possibility of numerous functions to monitor axes. Using the universal communications interface, a connection can be established to all the standard field bus systems. With its combination of certain properties, the new safety controller from Schmersal is unparalleled as the PROTECT PSC1 has unique features that clearly set this control system apart from other solutions on the market.

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