Putting the Pawā in your hands

Under the strain of daily working life, Pawā gloves are designed to take on more, day after day. With quality in mind they are built to last and designed to perform around you. In environments where safety is critical our new range of gloves are made to withstand everything that can be thrown at them. Suitable for a variety of applications, there’s guaranteed to be a series just for you.





The Pawā gloves Series 1 consists of four gloves, all offering precision handling and comfort. This range has excellent abrasion resistance across the board – particularly in the case of PG120, which has shown superior results for an ultralight glove. The series features breathability across the board and incorporates knitting technology that reduces hand fatigue. An excellent range for a variety of tasks.

Two gloves make up the Pawā gloves Series 2. This range was designed specifically for work in which moisture can compromise your grip. The PG201 showcases this, featuring fully coated dual dipped technology. The first layer of coating provides water repellency, and the second gives this glove excellent grip. The PG202 follows suit with its dual layered nitrile coating, which provides an effective barrier against oils. In addition to this, both gloves offer excellent wearer comfort and exceptional performance in demanding conditions.


At present, the PG330 is the only Series 3 Pawā glove. An ultralight, 18-gauge anti-cut glove designed for handling sharp objects, the PG330 has a coating which boasts excellent abrasion resistance. Additionally, the coating has a textured finish that provides high levels of dexterity and grip. The PG330 is fully breathable, meaning that this Series 3 glove stays comfortable – even when used for prolonged periods of time.

The Series 5 features three gloves, all of which provide cut protection as well. The PG510 has a dual layered nitrile coating that provides grip in oily environments. The PG520 utilises a robust yet flexible design, and provides resistance against heat. The PG530 is a tough glove that makes use of a reinforced thumb crotch and high performance anti-cut yarn. As a result, these gloves remain hard wearing and durable – even when being used for difficult mechanical tasks.

With so many options to choose from, Pawā gloves are guaranteed to provide you with the solution to the task at hand. So, pack up your day. Start again tomorrow and be assured that Pawā gloves are here to protect.


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