When working in and around explosive atmospheres it is important to have a reliable partner to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment.
With QUINTEX you are on your way to having a safe and reliable partner.
Where Line bushings are concerned QUINTEX can expand on your existing range and offer more possibilities for your security. Not only can we improve on the diverse range of wires, we can also expand on the various application fields.
This flexibility allows not only use in areas of explosion hazards (Ex d) but also in areas of increased safety (Ex e). These line bushings are available for use with stainless steel, GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester) or aluminum enclosures and housings.
QUINTEX have extended their certification:
II 2G Ex db eb IIC T4/T5/T6 Gb
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T135°C/T100°C/T85°C Db IP66
I M2 Ex eb I Mb

In accordance with EN IEC 60079-7:2015/A1:2018 the security of enclosures for increased safety areas (Ex e) must have a minimum safety class of IP54. This is also described in DIN EN 60079-1:2014. QUINTEX line bushings of Ex e type can be used with either an O-Ring or a flat gasket guaranteeing a minimum protection of IP66.
This also allows direct use in different applications:

  • Ex e flanged to Ex d
  • Ex e in single housing
  • Ex d and/or Ex e housing with space

The variety of cables and wires that QUINTEX can offer ensure greater flexibility for each and every customer. Special bushings for every application are feasible. Either a simple metric thread, NPT thread, pluggable or a combination of pluggable and threaded adapter (2-Path) types, QUINTEX can offer a suitable line bushing for you.
QUINTEX line bushings are available to the following specifications:

Voltage: up to 6000V
Conductor size: 0,08mm² up to 185mm²
Temperature range: -55°C to +115°C (-60°C +150°C) optional
Conductor quantity: 99 strands max.
Bushing size: M8 to M72 or Ø8 to Ø80
Bushing material: Nickel plated brass, stainless steel or other on request

Advantages of QUINTEX line bushings:
• Maintenance free
• Wide temperature range
• Instant applications with X-certificate
• No re-certification required
• Many international approvals
• Vast range of conductors, mixed wire diameters and wire material possible

QUINTEX produce and inspect all their own line bushings with their own ATEX certified production line, all in a short manufacturing period. Experience and competence are guaranteed by world renowned German Engineering. In addition QUINTEX can serve quotations within a short period. With our homepage online calculation tool you are able to create your own line bushing and obtain pricing in seconds.


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