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With MEROBEL’s new DGT300+, Web and Wire Tension Control has never been so easy to manage.
Efficient Tension Control system includes brakes, controllers and sensors, in order to guarantee a consistent web or wire tension during all the manufacturing process. Thus, beside to its well known range of EMP (ElectroMagnetic Particles) brakes, MEROBEL has developed and industrialized the electronic control solution making authority on the international market.
In a smart and low profile front face enclosure, DGT300+ regulates web tension no matter are the application constraints: web or wire elasticity, bobbin rotational inertia, continuous or stop and go running process, wide range of diameter variation, etc.
Designed for both closed loop and open loop tension control, DGT300+ is the up-to-date turnkey solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications.
Either with its user friendly Windows PC interface -through USB port- or with the front panel keyboard, DGT300+ allows to manage any of the specific tension control functions such as: E-stop proportional to the set point, soft start, hold & release tension and no-stop splice turrets. Direct control of EMP brakes is available through the built-in power supply (while external drives can be also controlled through analog output).
And on top of it all, DGT300+ includes advanced communication features such as full setting up and data exchange with PLC based on Modbus TCPIP.

The complete close loop tension control solution takes benefits from the new range of WAT load cells. Their innovative dual beam design maximizes performance and reliability while reducing the overall load cell deflection with more than 60% compared to the traditional design.

EMP brakes design is environment-friendly: 100% dustless and recyclable by design, the wide range of cost-effective torque actuators built by MEROBEL gives the benefits of a smart technology combining flexibility, accuracy, quiet operation and low power consumption. Specific surface treatment characteristics as well as exclusive powder composition helps to improve the natural noiseless and long life trends of the EMP Technology.

Solving web and wire handling problems by improving tension control is considered as the most cost-effective way to enhance performances of new equipment or to retrofit an existing machine. It enables to increase the linear speed, upgrade the production quality and flexibility, and dramatically reduce the waste rate.

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