Reusable Pallet Strap Eliminates Waste in Supply Chain

Save time, money and reduce pollution with this simple and effective solution by the VELCRO® Brand.

The VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® fastener is a revolutionary way to secure goods in a warehouse environment. This product is unique in that it eliminates the need to re-wrap any palleted item once it has been received in a facility. As such, this tool should help reduce plastic shrink wrap usage in warehouses and distribution centres significantly lowering packaging, recycling and maintenance expenditures.  This product is environmentally friendly and will reduce waste when replacing one use alternatives such as shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic or metal ties.

Facilities using the VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® fastener will receive many benefits; they are improving their health and safety scores because the tool provides a highly visible accessory which eliminates the need for hazardous tools like scissors of knives and reduces the risk of injury from falling goods. The straps can be easily opened and closed reducing the amount of time people will use to secure a load and eliminate time required in movement to, and maintenance of, alternative equipment because there are not tools required to make these straps functional.

In addition, the straps are soft and so therefore will not scratch surfaces. The straps do not hide barcode labels and other pertinent information on shipments and so speeds up the process for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Available in four sizes with corresponding colors (4mt yellow, 5mt orange, 6mt green, and 7mt blue)  the VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® fastener also has an simple winder tool for easy storage and application. You can actually calculate your cost savings and waste reduction percentage over the course of 3 years by looking at the amount of shrink wrap used per pallet and replacing that with a VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® fastener. The value proposition provided by the VELCRO® Brand could result in a 55% cost savings and 100% waste reduction over the course of time.

This solution has versatility and has proven to be successful across markets and industries from an apparel and outdoors supplier in Australia to a large appliance retailer in the UK. This solution has also resulted in savings for truck and automotive, tile and chemical distributors.


For more information and to calculate your potential cost savings by converting to the VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® fastener please email us at or contact us via our contact form.



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