Riello launches new burners for waste incinerators

 Riello has launched a new range of robust, competitively priced incineration burners for use in diverse point-of-use incineration applications including general waste, medical waste and animal waste.

Suitable for use with gas oil, kerosene or bio oil blends, the new burners have been developed in close consultation with incinerator manufacturers. As such, they build on tried and tested burner designs with additional features that specifically address the key challenges posed by point-of-source operation. These include a blinding relay to moderate the response of the in-built photocell, a continuously running fan for high-temperature environments and ability to use 220/230V and 50/60Hz power supplies.

Other features include a simple on/off 1-stage burner design, low noise continuous running fan operation, visual functionality and diagnostics display, and remote lock-out reset facility. Their robust cast aluminium construction ensures they are able to withstand the aggressive environments to which point-of-use incinerators are often subjected.

The Riello incineration burners range is easy to install, configure and maintain – facilitated by the use of ‘plug and play’ socket connections to avoid errors.

For further information visit www.rielloburners.co.uk

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