Riley Surface World announces sale and decommissioning of large anodising plant from Fokker Aerostructures, Netherlands

Riley Surface World has been appointed by Fokker Aerostructures to handle the sale and de-commissioning of German-built Delta Industrietechnick GmbH anodising, pre-treatment and non-destructive testing lines from its Rotterdam manufacturing facility. The disposal is due to the impending upgrade to a larger anodising facility.

The Fokker name has been synonymous with aircraft manufacturing for over 100 years, with operations in the Netherlands, Romania, USA and Mexico. The Netherlands division specialises in the design and production of lightweight structures, modules and landing gear for the aerospace and defence industries.

The anodising plant is a modern, multi-stage, multi-process production line with a work envelope of 6 x 1.2 x 2.7 metres. It is suitable for medium to large sized aerospace, automotive, architectural or general engineering components, such as aluminium extrusions.

The line has several in-line pre-treatment stages, including a dye penetrant inspection system. The support equipment to the line includes 0 – 55 V / 0 – 6000A DC rectifiers, drying ovens and chemical resistant PVC/GRP fume scrubbing plants.

Finally, the sophisticated non-destructive testing (NDT) facility encompasses stages for pre-treatments, surface conditioning and dye-penetrant inspection for the detection of cracks, surface porosity, weld defects and other common faults in compliance with all international aerospace safety directives.

The entire plant has the versatility to be adapted to other electrolytic surface finishing processes, such as e-coating. The line’s advanced design lends itself to reconfiguration for all of the latest REACH regulations for the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals in manufacturing.

For instance, future operators of the production line will have the ability to remove the potentially harmful Chrome 6 from the anodising process and replace it with a safer, organic tartaric anodising alternative.

The plant was manufactured by Delta on behalf of Fokker in 2000 at a price in excess of 10 million euros. It is now available at a fraction of its original value for a limited period until September 30, 2015.

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