RK MonoLine linear units – the new efficiency class

To complement its range of linear units for the medium load range, RK Rose+Krieger has launched a new series with the RK MonoLine.

Initially released earlier this year in sizes 40, 80 and 120, the range will soon be extended to include size 60 and will therefore be available in sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 – either with a timing-belt drive (Z) or without a drive as anti-vibration torque support (R).

The size 40 timing belt driven version can withstand loads of up to 1100 N, the size 60 will be able to withstand forces of up to 2800 N. The size 80 can withstand up to 4367 N and the 120 timing-belt-driven version can withstand loads of up to 9400 N. All units can reach travel speeds of up to 10 m/s, with permissible accelerations of up to 20 ms².

Variable mounting system

As with the timing-belt-driven linear units in the RK DuoLine range, the RK MonoLine Z also features a variable mounting system for almost all motors available on the market. The motor position no longer needs to be specified when placing an order and can be changed at a later stage. The new actuators are fitted with a timing-belt guidance system as standard. The optional clamping and slot stone bars reduce the amount of engineering required and make customisation easier. The profile slots enable maximum flexibility for the fixation of customer-specific accessories, such as drag chains and tube holders, as well as limit or proximity switches for limit switching. The payload is fixed securely using the slot stones with tapped holes available as accessories. For users this means minimal effort required in construction, reduced assembly costs and quicker assembly. Special tapered lubrication nipples on the side of the carriage facilitate lubrication of the linear units in any carriage position. It is not necessary to move the units into a particular maintenance position or to disassemble any fittings. Central lubrication speeds up maintenance and also makes it safer and simpler. The new linear actuators impress due to their smooth running and high precision when subjected to medium dynamic loads.

The RK Rose+Krieger portfolio includes the RK DuoLine series for applications where high dynamic performance is demanded. The linear units with ball rail guide are available in the sizes 160/120/80/60/40 and can be supplied either with or without a drive in a timing-belt- or a spindle-driven version.


RK Monoline MT – linear unit with Omega drive

The newest member of the RK Monoline product line is based on the roller guide concept of the RK MonoLine Z 80, but has a different drive concept: on the RK Monline MT, the timing belt does not circulate, but is driven in the area of the guide carriage. That is why an Omega drive is referred to. The tried-and-tested variable mounting concept allows the motor position to be changed subsequently for almost all motors available on the market. Compact dimensions facilitate high speeds and high positioning accuracy and repeatability – in particular for use as a vertical axis in a multi-axis system with travelling base profile and stationary carriage/motor. As a horizontal axis with a rated load on the carriage, on the other hand, extremely long strokes can be achieved. A further typical application is use as a moving axis.

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