Roller Chain Solutions Just Got Better

A new Roller Chain is making waves in the UK thanks to Donghua Limited who launched their new X3 Premium Chain earlier this year.

The Chain is manufactured on its own purpose-built production line which encompasses new production techniques and new surface treatments. Designed with a unique pin coating, optimised plate geometry and high precision stamping, X3 offers a new deluxe chain solution and is designed for sectors that use high demand drives such as Timber, Waste & Recycling and Mining & Quarrying.

Donghua’s New Roller Chain Range

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s biggest chain manufacturers, has introduced three Drive Chain ranges: Standard, Solution and Premium. Our extensive Roller Chain products have been categorised into these new ranges to help customers identify the right chain solution quickly and easily.

The Standard Range features a variety of standard chain manufactured with precision to suit simple drives with large diameter sprockets or complex drives with multiple sprockets and high load bearings.

The Solution Range offers customers a genuine solution to problems with chain wear, chain fatigue, high speed, lubrication, chain length accuracy and chain strength offering optimum performance in extreme conditions. Our new EXL Chain sits within the Premium range together with our Chromized Pin (CP) Chain, Heavy Duty Chain and Self-Lubricated Chain.

The EXL Chain offers significant benefits over standard Roller Chain. It utilises different materials, material treatments and layer technologies, to offer the best possible quality/price ratio for all applications.

Aimed specifically for the after-market, EXL Chain is designed, manufactured and tested for unbeatable accuracy and performance in arduous conditions, offering enhanced wear and fatigue resistance and greater precision.

The chain is designed with a new hardened, shot-peened wide-waist plate for increased fatigue strength and a seamless cold forged solid bush and roller to give full contact between the pin, bushing and roller for higher durability.

The EXL Chain has optimised cylindrical parts which improve sliding contacts to help increase service life. It also incorporates Donghua’s unique ‘Easy Break Technology’ which enables the EXL Chain to be cut in the field using Donghua’s Plate Extractor tools.

To watch our video showing how to cut the EXL Chain using our Plate Extractor tools, visit:

The Premium Range offers our customers a deluxe solution to problems with chain wear, chain fatigue, corrosion, high speed, lubrication, chain length accuracy and chain strength with specific build features designed to enhance durability and withstand a range of arduous environments.

The new X3 Chain is exceptional and delivers three times the performance for wear resistance, fatigue resistance and high speed performance for comparable Roller Chain.  Its superior quality, durability and outstanding wear and fatigue resistance are realised by the new hardened, shot-blasted plate shape, calibrated pin and bushing holes, special heat-treated and surface coated pins, seamless rollers and bushings and high performance pre-lubrication.

Our new X3 Chain is supplied pre-loaded and pre-lubricated as standard and is available in British Standard 06B to 24B in simplex and duplex, ex-stock from our 25,000 sq ft warehouse in the West Midlands.

To download our X3 catalogue visit:

Help selecting the right chain

To help our customers select the correct chain solution, we have developed a simple reference guide – the Donghua Chain Selection Chart. The chart provides a visual 1 – 5 star rating highlighting our recommendations for each chain product for wear resistance, fatigue resistance, strength, shock load, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, easy break, FDA approved and so on. It’s a must-have reference document in an engineer’s toolkit.

To download your copy of the Chain Selection Chart visit: or for a laminated hard copy call 01902 866 200.


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