A rotary union, or ‘Swivel Joint’ is used to transfer fluid across a rotating interface. At Rotaflow we have produced Swivel Joints for many applications within all areas of engineering and for all over the world: From Brewery, Food and Drink, Process, Drilling & Mining, Oil & Gas to Nuclear, Chemical and Subsea.

We provide solutions that have enabled all manner of different fluids (including oils, fuels, corrosives, food) and/or air/steam to be transferred through awkward, and often, already established production infrastructure. Through our 30+years of experience we have designed and manufactured swivels to withstand and perform effectively when faced with many tricky environmental factors: Overcoming issues with heat, pressure, size and material choice. Our dual roller and ball bearing race designs mean you get a  longer life; an increased reliable service, and a higher capacity for axial and radial loading and all without leakage. So less downtime and more productivity.

Simple single flow units are used in many applications including loading arms, articulated pipework and hose reelers. Some applications require articulated pipe work or hoses to allow fluids; such as Hydraulic Power, Air (pneumatic) control lines, or mixed process fluids to be used on moving machinery.

Swivel joints will allow the movement on a slowly rotating drum or remove the damaging effect of twisting on hoses.  We manufacture in both carbon steel and 316 stainless steel with “specials” in any grade of metal to suit customer specification. With bores ranging from 0.25″ to 40″; Vacuum duty to 20,000PSI and multi passaged designs allowing multiple flows of fluid though a single unit.

We design and make our Swivels here on-site in the UK with our team ensure high quality and low lead times. We are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into making our swivels. We carry stocked items, but our speciality is our ability to resolve, through design, the often unique and complicated issues.

Rotaflow design and manufacture to design standards including PED, API 6A, API 17D, ASME and DNV OS E101, E201, ABS CDS. We are regularly audited and have attained ISO certification ISO 9001:2008 and PED module H for the design, manufacture and repair of swivel joints.

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