SELCO’S New Compact IoT Ready Electronic Thermostats (eCap Series)

In response to an increased need for a more low cost, advanced control in many different industries, Selco Products has designed and developed the eCap Series electronic thermostat. Not only do these control the temperature in an application, but they manage most of the energy consuming components. Many industries like HVAC, lab equipment, medical devices, plastics, packaging and commercial food equipment are setting new targets in regards to sustainability, where energy savings play an important role in their applications. The eCap series promises to deliver energy savings through the latest switching power supply technology (<30mW at idle state). That makes this new product an ideal solution where energy consumption is critical.

Selco offers a wide variety of sensors that are supported by the eCap series. From NTC thermistors, thermocouples (type J, K) and RTDs, it has the capability of sensing from -40°F to 2012°F. These units have a robust and reliable 30A relay to support heavy-duty loads. There are also two additional versions that are being offered, 2-relays (12A, 20A) oriented for cold applications and SSR output to drive external relays. UL approvals are currently in process and samples are available upon request.

The electronic thermostat offers high accuracy of temperature control due to close differentials and narrow tolerances which remain stable over time. These are SPST and also have the ability to get to 1degree accuracy (RTDs are 1°F and Thermocouples are 2°F). Because these are electronic, it can be programmed to open or close on rise.
These controls are compact and similar in form, fit, function and price to conventional electromechanical bulb and capillary thermostats. They have been designed to replace mounting brackets from 1.1” to 1.75” (28 to 44 mm) and have multiple shaft options. Custom brackets and digital displays are available upon request. This makes them the perfect drop-in replacement to existing designs.

“Our new eCap series brings the power of electronics and IoT connectivity at a low cost, in a design that is ideal for a drop-in bulb and capillary thermostat replacement,” says Engineering Manager, Eugenio Pedroza. “We are now able to get into a cross section of potential applications and projects.”

The eCap series is another custom product offering that Selco has added to its already extensive line of custom Electronic Controls. In addition, the next generation of these controllers is being designed to be IoT ready. As many customers are ready for the wireless future, mid-2018 Selco will be able to support multiple IoT protocols with the optional wireless module. The new Selco app and smart home protocols including Z-wave module will be completed in May 2018.

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