Selecting a heat treater

Identification of those UK subcontractors able to meet specific heat treatment requirements is made easy by the website operated by the Contract Heat Treatment Association (CHTA).

Find a Heat Treater

Clicking on “Find a Heat Treater” at takes the visitor to a constantly-updated searchable database that enables easy identification of CHTA members providing various subcontract heat treatment services nationwide.  Selection, based on processes offered, materials treated and location, results in a list of names of appropriate companies; clicking on a name yields full details of the company, with direct access to its own website. Enquiries  can be submitted to one or more of the chosen companies with a single click.


The “Find a Heat Treater” database covers over forty heat treatment and ancillary processes from which the visitor can select. Where appropriate, the search can be refined in order to specify the preferred processing medium in which a heat treatment is conducted.


All companies featured in the database are members of the CHTA and, as such, are pledged to maintain the highest standards of quality and service.  ISO 9001 is currently the universally accepted quality accreditation, but many members hold additional quality approvals from major organisations, which are especially relevant in particular market sectors.  National and International Accreditations certifications held by CHTA members (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, CQI-9, ISO/TS 16949 and Nadcap) are listed on the “Approvals” page of the website.

Ask all the members instantly

Where a job is proving difficult to source (say, because of size or other special requirements) the “Ask the Members” page on CHTA’s website allows the visitor to ask all CHTA members if they can offer appropriate specific capacity.  Once submitted, such an enquiry is e-forwarded to members instantly; any able to help reply directly.

Specifying Heat Treatment

Clicking on “Specifying Heat Treatment” or “Datasheets” at accesses CHTA’s series of “Datasheets for Non-heat-treaters” guides aimed at aiding sensible specification of subcontract heat treatment processing and avoidance of common problems.  Couched in layman’s terms, they answer the questions: What are the treatments? What are the benefits? What materials can be treated? What are the limitations?  What problems could arise? How do I specify? Where do I go? In response to the last question, the datasheets recommend advantage be taken of the expertise of the CHTA member companies listed at Hotline To register for CHTA’s free quarterly “Hotline” newsletter, go to



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