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The requirements for signalling vary greatly depending on the type of environment they are installed in as well as their application. Audible and visual signals can be used for many different purposes including fire and gas alarm, process alarm, status indication, instrumentation or disaster warning and in many different environments from general industrial settings to potentially explosive atmospheres. Whatever the situation, it is important to produce a clear and unambiguous signal throughout the protected or process areas. E2S Warning Signals has considerable experience in designing and manufacturing audible and visual signals and control devices to meet with these requirements.

Industrial and Process Control Signals

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For industrial and process control applications E2S offers a range of beacons in different sizes and technologies including xenon strobe, LED, rotating halogen lamp, incandescent and static halogen as well as pilot lights and stackable lights for status indication. To create a complete audio-visual signal the beacons can be combined with sounders and alarm horns in different arrangements to suit a wide range of applications. Specialist products such as Hootronic and Belltronic provides alternatives to traditional electro-mechanical bells, sirens and claxons faithfully replicating the familiar tones and sounds without the drawbacks of mechanical devices.

The latest innovation in signalling comes in the form of the Appello range which enables alarm tones to be enhanced with voice messages for more specific alarm messages or music for example.

Hazardous Area Signals

Hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres in refineries, oil & gas industries, petrochemical plants, refineries, mining, pharmaceuticals, mills and flour silos require devices that are certified. For these environments, intrinsically safe, flame proof and non-sparking sounders, beacons and call points can be specified from the E2S portfolio providing solutions for both combustible gas and dust atmospheres. Multiple approvals and accreditations including, ATEX, IECEx, cUL, FM, GOST-R and INMETRO ensure global acceptance and compliance.

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Where coverage distances and areas exceed the performance of standard industrial sirens, such as COMAH (Seveso II) sites, dams and container ports, high-powered sirens with effective distances of up to 2km can be used.

Further Information

For easy specification of signalling, E2S website and product catalogue contains detailed product specifications including hazardous area classifications, performance data, third party approvals, dimensional diagrams and part code configuration. To explore the E2S signalling products and to download a copy of the new catalogue, visit www.e2s.com. For quote requests or technical information our sales support team would be pleased to hear from you on +44 (0) 208 743 8880 or sales@e2s.com

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