Sensor device and method for detecting gear damage in rotating elements in housing GTR-01

The company PCE Process Control Electronic GmbH in cooperation with DELTEC electronic GmbH has developed a sensor device and a method to detect damage to rotating parts in a closed housing. Tests on ferromagnetic gears have been successfully carried out so far. The housing was made of die-cast aluminium. The process uses magnetic fields: Electromagnets generate magnetic fields, while a Hall sensor picks up the resulting fields. A special evaluation program determines whether a defective part is present. The damage can, for example, consist of a partially or completely broken tooth or a crack. Device options allow the speed and direction of rotation of the rotating part to be determined.

The device can also be used for continuous monitoring on machines. All measured values are transferred from the sensor via a USB interface to the computer where they are stored in a database. The LabVIEW-based program is designed in such a way that it can be adapted to customer requirements such as graphical display, test sequence and operability.

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