SIEVGEN – New generation of ultrasonic sieving technology for the Additive Manufacturing and Net Shape sector

To complement the growing use of net shape and additive manufacture in today’s production environments, Farleygreene have developed an ultrasonic screening system for the recycling of metal and other fine powders pre and post build. With the high costs involved using different media types this new system gives the user a quality assured powder for first time use, with the added benefit of reclaiming used powders where permitted.

Farleygreene have been involved within the industry for some time providing solutions to high profile customers on a bespoke one to one basis. Whilst standalone bespoke design is still a focus of their business, it became apparent that the industry required a system that could be used in any new or existing AM/NS environment.

Designated as SIEVGEN 400-US, they took the successes from previous projects and incorporated them into one ergonomic and simple package. It was important that the final design was in keeping with the type of high end process production areas where it would be used, but also ensuring that the prime function of the system was not compromised in any way. The working parts of the machine are enclosed within a mobile, stylish and streamlined shell. All controls are situated on the front panel, which powers the ultrasonic generator, sieve vibration, and, if fitted, the powder loading pneumatic transfer system. When in normal use the system provides for a completely sealed and dust tight process. The feed hopper is docked into place to feed the sieve unit with a self-sealing interface and the media is introduced through an internal metering device to ensure the optimum screen dwell time to recover as much useable material as possible. Oversize powder is continuously removed and ‘good’ product falls through the ultrasonically excited mesh. The screened media is filled into a receptacle of your choosing and is locked into place on a special mobile dolly to reduce manual handling as much as possible and allow the operator to move the product to where it is required.

The high frequency sieve is easily serviced by simply pulling the assembly out on a cassette type tray system, therefore giving the operator full access to the working parts for cleaning, all of which can be carried out without the need for any tools.

SIEVGEN is designed to allow feed directly from almost any container or from an optional vacuum transfer system with a suction nozzle at the operator end to transfer directly from the build chamber or new product drum.

The system can be used for any application, across all industrial sectors, where the sieving of materials to very fine tolerances is required. The FG design team can configure the unit to your specific requirements; they can offer trials either at your site or within their own testing facility in Hampshire, UK.

The new unit will be available to view on their stand (G22) at the PPMA show, NEC, Birmingham, UK from 29th September until 1st October 2015. This show runs concurrently with the TCT show.

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For more information please contact Farleygreene –
+44 (0) 1256 474 547 or take a look on their website

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