Small and powerful! Huber Unistats -125°C to +425°C

The compact Huber Tangos mark the entry level into the world of Unistat precision temperature control. Unistats are space-saving, simple to operate and can be used flexibly at working temperatures of -40°C to +200°C, ideal for a wide range of process applications. for Process Engineering

Unistat temperature control systems are tailored to applications in process engineering – they perform accurate temperature control for very small batches or for production volumes in a range of -125°C to +425°C. Unistat is the only brand that allows consistent scale-up in research, kilo-lab, mini-plant, technology centre and in production. Choose from more than 60 models and 200 variants with cooling powers of 0.7 to 130 kW. Furthermore, Unistats may be combined with vapour or cooling brine circuits; this makes them suitable for production volumes beyond the 10m³ class. When your requirements increase, the Unistats can easily be adapted, while their mode of operation and general functionality remain the same.

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RA22019 Huber 2015 Front Cover


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