Wireless Sensor Networks For Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Are you working on Structural Health Monitoring or Condition Monitoring System applications and looking for effective and reliable monitoring system?

Lately, by dint of the continuous development of civil engineering field, structural health and preemptive fault detection have become a matter of concern. Hence, BeanAir, with its brilliant team of engineers, has been developing a set of accelerometers and inclinometers dedicated to vibration, shock and tilt monitoring. These wireless sensors that come with great features and high-performance, can be used to monitor different physical events. Either you work on bridges, buildings, constructions or railways, BeanAir wireless sensors are the right solution for your application.

High efficiency and high precision are not the only success key of BeanAir WSN (Wireless Sensor networks), but also the cost and easy usage. The reliability of Beanair WSN is proved by the long-term operation on harsh industrial environment since 2008.

The release of Time-Synchronized and reliable wireless sensor networks made 2015 a year of success. But, we are not done, BeanAir will release cutting-edge products for 2016.

For more information, visit our websites: www.beanair.com and www.space-wireless.com





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