Spillage Incident? – Your First Call is Crucial

Every year there are thousands of environmental pollution incidents caused by the spillage of materials such as oils, chemicals, trade effluents, sewage and some less obvious but highly polluting substances such milk, beer and yoghurt. Businesses handling, storing, transporting or using liquids as part of a production or manufacturing process all run the risk of experiencing spillage incidents and the consequences of this.

OHES Environmental offers a spillage response solution which can help you minimise the risk of a spillage event resulting in prosecution and fines. It is as simple as 1-2-3! We offer free membership of our 1-2-3 Spill Response service. Membership gives your company 24/7 access to our experienced team of Incident Advisors to REPORT your spillage and receive free initial telephone spillage management advice. If this initial advice does not completely resolve your spill we are able to RESPOND by mobilising a specialist spillage response team to your premises to RESTORE your site to its pre-spill condition.

Membership also gives you access to discounted response rates and wider environmental consultancy services. Your Membership Pack will give you everything you need to access our service.

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1. Report:

Our Incident Advisors are available 24 hours 365 days of the year to take your call to report a spillage incident. With their extensive knowledge and practical experience of managing spillages our Incident Advisors will give you the best possible practical advice to enable you to contain and clean-up your spillage safely and effectively.

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If your spillage is of a magnitude or complexity which means you are unable to deal with it yourself we can respond by mobilising a specialist UKSpill Accredited spillage response team to your site. Utilising our own in-house response teams supported by our nationwide network of pre-approved specialist responders we will get the nearest, appropriate, available response to your spillage incident. Depending on location and the nature of the spillage we are usually on site within 2 hours of being mobilised during office hours. Whilst our response teams are en-route to site we will continue to provide you with telephone assistance.

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3. Restore:

As soon as our team arrives on site they will make a rapid appraisal of the spill and formulate the most appropriate and effective pollution control strategy. We will look to dovetail our activities to compliment any on-site capabilities and resource and agree our strategy with you.

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Protecting your Business:

However, clearly, it is far better to avoid having a spillage event in the first instance. Many of the spillage incidents we respond to were in some way foreseeable due to poor bulk storage facilities or operational practices. Businesses are often unprepared and do not know how to respond effectively to a spillage or don’t have the necessary equipment, materials or training to minimise impact when a spillage occurs. OHES has developed SPILL PROTECT, a suite of products for spill prevention and management to protect your business.

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